You guys are probably so hip and crafty that you already know this: you can make your own body scrub. That stuff that costs $6-$30 and I have to wait until Christmas to get? Yeah, I made my own. Now who’s cool, not to mention smooth?

We snuck in a few beach days before the temperature dropped again, so of course I got sunburned. I managed to cover my kids in sunscreen, and my upper half. My legs, not so much. They were toast.

When I was a kid, peeling sheets of skin off after burning was fun, a diversion. Now, the sight of my peeling, hairy legs is unpleasant and decidedly not fun. I used the last bit of body scrub (horded since December) trying to sand the dry skin off, but it wasn’t enough. I made my version out of desperation. Mine didn’t have any fancy essential oils, or nearly the amount of chocolate in the store-bought stuff, but it did the job. Fair warning, you will smell strongly of coffee for an hour or so after you shower off.

Mocha-Olive Oil body scrub

1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa

1/2 cup ground coffee (I bought the cheapest store-brand coffee I could find. $3.50 for about 3 cups)

1/2 cup sugar (you could use salt instead)

olive oil (the store-bought kind used grapeseed oil)

Mix the dry ingredients in a jar with a screw top. Add enough olive oil to create a slurry, or a slush consistency. Go shower! Make sure someone is around to feel your skin afterwards, or you’ll be approaching strangers in the supermarket, holding out your arm. ‘Just rub right here.’

That would be embarrassing. Don’t do that.