1. Filthy, crusted stiff inside-out dress socks
  2. 7 pine cones
  3. enough dirt to make an anthill
  4. Ritz crackers, unwrapped
  5. Frosted Mini Wheats, again, no wrapper
  6. 1 sugar packet
  7. half of a striped candy cane, unwrapped and partially sucked (it had to be pried off the fleece lining)
  8. a long, and quite striking, gold and silver necklace with lightning bolt charms that I bought to wear with one of my many black turtlenecks
  9. 3 varieties of unidentifiable seed pods
  10. 2 broken pencil stubs
  11. a folded note with the handwritten message: All Access Pass, Oscar #1
  12. $2.93 in pennies and nickels