I know it’s late and if you didn’t realize it was Geek Pride Day today, this isn’t really a great time to find out. After all, as a geek you’re not likely to be out partying at this time of night. You’re probably in bed, alone. All alone. Or, you’re watching Star Trek again. That actually is a great way to celebrate Geek Pride.

I celebrated Geek Pride Day by writing. I conned the kids into watching tv (bad mom!) so I could have a few hours without a constant stream of questions. It was difficult to convince my son to watch. He wanted to make a board game instead, his new geeky obsession. He managed to do both, watching Survivorman while cutting, taping and constructing game pieces. Have you seen Survivorman? It is my new favorite series. We plan to try some of the fire starting techniques, in anticipation of a few planned camping trips. We’ll probably skip the eating of various bugs, though.

As I was writing, I asked myself: what do I want to read about? I should ask that question more often, because the answer isn’t necessarily what I produce.

What I want:

  • adventure
  • humor
  • fast pace

What I produce:

  • conventional characters
  • complete lack of fantasy

Why why why? It must be my old nemesis, Fear. I will conquer you, Fear! You have been warned.