The weather has suddenly become perfect here: warm and sunny days, cool nights with enough rain to save me hand watering the new plants every day. My son can hardly be contained indoors. He is out first thing, still in his jammies, and again after his evening bath. With all the outdoor pleasures, I just haven’t been committed to blogging daily.

We’re approaching the end of our second year of homeschooling. It was a life-changing decision, and one that we reassess regularly. Questions we ask: are the kids happy, are they learning, is our family happy? Are everyone’s needs being met? Yes, to everything. Why didn’t I even know this was an option ten years ago?

Our community of hippie homeschoolers is more accepting and relaxed than any group of parents that I had contact with in the public school system. Perhaps the schools we attended were just too big. Maybe a return to a one-room schoolhouse is in order. While we’re at it, let’s stage a comeback of work-live spaces. Business downstairs, home upstairs. My husband and I run a business out of our home, so we’re close to that arrangement. As a girl, however, I wanted to have a flower shop. My idea was to have a large variety of flowers in buckets. Customers would come in and pick what they wanted, making their own arrangements.

Another great downstairs business would be an old-fashioned hardware store. I loved wandering the aisles as a kid, and I still do today. The best stores have an old guy at the counter, one who knows a bit about all the trades. There should be a wide variety of gadgets and animal feed. My favorite hardware store item is, by far, door hardware: brass handles and pulls, beautiful big hinges, hidden magnetic closures. Heaven.