Most of today was spent outdoors. Georgia and I planted some annuals, finally. They’ve been waiting in the garage for a week, since we anticipated a late frost. Last year was a turning point for Georgia; she finally started to want to become involved in gardening. So, I’ve been teaching her how to transplant seedlings, how to plant the seeds and water, etc. She really likes to have a plan, clear instructions to follow. I am more of a fly by the seat of your pants type of gal so having to express all of the gardening knowledge that I have in a concise and logical manner is a challenge. We definitely learn and process information differently.

It amazes me, even after 20 years of parenting, how very different my children are from me and my husband. They share certain traits with us, for sure, but far fewer than I anticipated. I guess I thought they would like the same foods, music and games; that they would be little copies. To take it to an even more basic level, my middle daughter doesn’t even really care about food. She eats just enough, and only really pays attention if she’s desperately hungry. She is almost completely uninterested in learning to cook. I always thought people who said things like that were lying.

While his sister and I were working, Oscar played. I can hardly keep him inside now that the weather is lovely. The very second I stop working and sit in the hammock with my book (World War Z) he comes and climbs up with his new comic book. Sometimes I wish my kids liked television more.

A few funny things my kids have said to me recently:

  • Oscar asked for some wire so he could learn to pick locks. He is seven. This could be a retirement strategy for us, so it is under consideration.
  • Georgia came back in the house from doing something with my husband and announced that she had “a pocketful of danger.” She proceeded to empty out of her pockets: two lighters, small firecrackers and a pocketknife. Danger, indeed.

We’re living the good life.