It has been a full five days. We have:

  • Watched two of our kids perform in Tom Sawyer. I heard secondhand about this conversation: My son cornered the director of the homeschool theater group and told her that he wanted a bigger part in next year’s production. “Can you remember your lines?” Good question.
  • We had a party!
  • My sister and her boyfriend stayed with us for a few days. So much joy when they visit; my son was kissing his aunt the entire time.
  • We celebrated my son’s birthday. Seven!

I intentionally abstained from blogging, but boy oh boy have I missed being here. Here are some photos of our hike. We found marsh marigold, buttercups, peppermint, solomon’s seal, trilliums and mayapples all in bloom. Enjoy spring in Michigan.

may apples

Mayapples spreading their umbrellas.

girl with dog

My daughter holding our very patient and happy dog, Lucy.


Trilliums in bloom.