My two youngest kids are acting in a play this weekend. Today was dress rehearsal, six hours spent in the company of others. I do not necessarily enjoy the company of others. Well, to re-phrase, I find it stressful to be in a large group. I feel like I’m on high alert the entire time. Exhausting.

I recharged with some quality time on the hammock, daydreaming. I have been considering future careers lately. I’m happy to be with my kids right now, but they will grow up quickly, so I need to figure out what the hell is next. The problem that I’ve always had is that I am unable to limit myself. I have honestly thought, in the past two days, that the following careers would be appropriate:

  • marine biologist
  • attorney
  • landscaper
  • English teacher
  • writer
  • quilter

I know: I’m fucked. I will never decide. Instead, I’ll grow old, continually thinking of new things that I could do and never actually making a decision. It’s an illness.