I tried to be the boss of my garden today, but it flouted all my rules and wishes. The roses scratched my arms. The strawberries remained unripe, despite my earnest pleading. I turned the compost, and was able to collect 10 bushels of finished black gold, but it was an uphill battle.

I found some interesting items in the compost bin. Avocado shells and pits, and whole rotten grapefruit take a long, long time to decompose. Ditto for paper towels, especially the good, absorbent ones. Fabric does not decompose as quickly as one would expect either. Most unexpectedly, I found a shoe, a length of rope and a handful of ink pens. Secret spy mission? Hide and seek? No one is fessing up, so I can only guess.

There is nothing like a sunshiny day to give you the feeling that all is well with the world. We should have more of these sun-filled days.