First of all, no perfume. Books are good. Plants are good, too. Even better, a trip to the nursery to pick out the flowers together. I would love a whole day together, doing nothing. No cleaning, no visiting. Most of all, on Mother’s Day I do not want to make a single decision for anyone else, especially in regards to planning dinner.

Every day, I plan my family’s meals. I try to balance nutritional needs, flavor and individual preferences. And it sucks. My husband is pickier than my 6-year-old. If dinner does not include beef, potatoes and/or bread, he barely eats. If it includes, heaven forfend, something exotic like feta cheese (horrors!) then he actually complains.

I look forward to those evenings when we have no time to cook. We wander the grocery store aisles looking for pre-made food to heat and eat. Everyone is satisfied. I don’t waste time chopping and sauteing food that no one is happy to have on their plate.

On Mother’s Day, I don’t want to have to coerce anyone to eat. I will not make even one person place cooked vegetables on their plate. I don’t even want to plan my own meal. Please, someone, just shop for, prepare and serve me a healthy meal. Clean lettuce, cut watermelon, etc. Do all the unappreciated work that I do every day. I’ll eat it without complaint.

Does this explain the popularity of those overpriced buffets? I hate those places, but they serve a need. It’s one thing to cook a meal, but quite another to plan it. The buffet has everything you could possibly want. They completely eliminate the need for anything except making a reservation. It’s time for kids and dads to step up their game; go beyond the reservation.