Soccer practice and games were rained out for the last week and a half, so yesterday evening was only our second practice of the spring. I was aware that the kids needed a refresher on the whole defense/offense situation. Really, that needs to be discussed at each practice and game. I’ll send a player on the field and tell him that he is playing forward position. “Do you know what that means?” I ask. They rarely know. I tried using a whiteboard to illustrate where each player should be, but that didn’t help. Some kids need to be walked on the field and physically placed in position, facing the correct goal. I actually point to the goal and say “kick the ball into that goal.” It works, usually.

So while it came as no surprise that no one knew what ‘forward’ and ‘defense’ meant, it was nevertheless surprising when I had the following conversation.

“Coach,” said a cute 6-year-old boy. “Can we play that game where we have two teams and try to kick the ball into the goal?”

“Do you mean soccer?” I said.

“Yeah!” said my player, hopping in place with excitement.

“Great idea.”