A list of stuff, because it’s late, I’m tired and there’s a lot of stuff on my mind:

  • Snow, again, in Michigan. It only lasted half a day, but the cold and wet are still very much present. Boo. I hung two loads of laundry on the line the day before it snowed. How crazy is that? That’s Michigan crazy.
  • The power of plants. I want to see more innovation like this. Can I just rub grapefruit on my skin? Or just eat a lot of grapefruit? NPR also has this story about foraging for wild greens, something that never really went out of style for a many of us. Still, it is a good story to bring to a large audience; I hope it’s a trend that catches fire. Maybe people will stop poisoning everything that doesn’t resemble grass if they think it might taste good. On a related note, an illustrated field guide to edible plants would be nice to have. I can never find one with really good pictures. Any recommendations?
  • I am fascinated by this article about the science of empathy.  It raises more questions than it answers, so I may have to buy the book. Simon Baron-Cohen discusses how childhood abuse and neglect, and trauma, cause changes in the brain that are linked with decreased ability to experience empathy. I’ll probably have more to say about this later, after I’ve thought everything through.
  • Homeschooling issue: I go overboard studying history. Five weeks studying ancient China? Too much. How do you feel about a documentary about slavery and how it made growing crops in American colonies uber-profitable? We watched for a little while, but enough is enough. History really is depressing. My son said, while we listened to the history of The Trail of Tears, “Mom, I think this is rated R.”