This is my 100th post! To honor this milestone, I have a list.

Things that I like that have something to do with 100.

  • I like when people give me $100.
  • One hundred-year-olds: awesome
  • One hundred point words in Scrabble
  • 100 flavors of ice cream (they should all include chocolate in some way)
  • 100 eyes on stalks, looking at me
  • 100 days on a tropical island, a new umbrella drink every day (a tropical sampler)
  • I drive about 100 miles less every day and a half since I quit working
  • I am 100% happier since I quit working to homeschool my kids


I just discovered this guy, on a beer fast for lent. I think beer would be the only way to make a fast tolerable. I have known alcoholics who exist only on beer, wine or something similar (MadDog?). This man professes to love beer. He blogs about beer and makes his own homebrew. I predict that will change. After Easter, he’s going to sit down to watch the news and say to his wife, “You know what? I’d like a Coke.”