If you read magazines, a newspaper or spend time online, you can’t help but see photos of Kate Middleton. I am so inspired by her style that I have decided to start wearing feathered hats. Really, I was just a tiny nudge away from this kind of style statement, even without Kate’s fine example. Kate Middleton in a fine feathered hatIn high school, I wore a turquoise beret. It was a bit plain, so I embellished the hat with a fake flower and a fake spider suspended with fishing line. Very attractive.

I am trying to figure out when I made the transition from a turquoise beret to a wardrobe of black turtlenecks, jeans and black cardigans. At some point I decided to become unnoticeable. Recently, my lovely 20-year-old told me about an incident at work. Her manager called her over to a table, then turned and said to the customers sitting there, “See. Isn’t she pretty?” Then, nothing. No introduction or conversation. She was only summoned to looked at and admired.

Her story made me think of the unwanted attention I received from men when I was younger and thinner. Attention isn’t the right word. I am just average looking, but the combination of not-ugly, naive and unwilling to make waves made me a target for harassment. How many times did I have to squeeze past my boss because he was intentionally blocking a doorway? How many disembodied hands found their way to my ass at parties or at work? I couldn’t even begin to add up those incidents, and I am not even addressing the verbal harassment.

Instead of fighting back, I disappeared. I am pissed that I let a bunch of assholes make me go into hiding. It is time for some feathered hats. I’m pretty sure they’ll match my black turtlenecks.