Well, sometimes I just have no idea what to topic to blog about. The end.

No, really, I have been trolling the usual sites for inspiration, but no luck. There is a serious lack of humorous material in today’s news. Long ago, in the ice age, I had a sociology professor, a seriously intellectual woman, who was completely sober about everything. No humor whatsoever, even outside of class. I figure she was damaged by a lifetime spent studying the woes of the world and trying to devise ways to fix humanity (a losing battle if ever there was one). Sometimes reading the news makes me feel like her.

Here’s my list of what not to do, based on the news:

  • Do not dress your little girls in bikinis with padded tops. It is not cute. Furthermore, if you are going to force/encourage your child to wear sexy clothes meant for trampy grown-up women, do not be angry when she starts having sex at 13 or 14. No wonder kids are confused about how they are supposed to act. Dress sexy, but act chaste?
  • Don’t attend Yale University.
  • Don’t get too attached to your local library. My own library is always busy. Free concerts are held there, right in the main room. Kids meet their tutors. The computer room is full all of the time. Plenty of folks seem to come just to read magazines for free. I can’t imagine this all disappearing just because books are transitioning to a digital format, but time will tell. I have put off switching to an e-reader, because I love books: the way they feel, the bindings, the frontispiece, the smell. But I will cave to the new format for the same reason: I love books, and it’s the content that really matters. More and more publications will be available only as a digital download. Color me sad. I hate disposable, and ultimately a small electronic device is just that.


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