You’ll have to indulge me while I tell a sentimental tale.

My oldest daughter, Sam, is a waitress. She’s good at it and usually makes decent money. Enough to support herself if she works 5 lunches and 5 dinner shifts every week. Yesterday, a young couple walked out on their $80 tab, leaving her stuck with the bill. She looked for the couple in the parking lot, but they disappeared quickly.

It was a slow night, and she hadn’t made much more than the cost of the tab, but she was going to have to pay the bill herself. Another family, regular customers at the restaurant, paid the bill so my daughter wouldn’t have to. They didn’t witness what happened, they only heard about it from another waitress.

You cannot imagine what this meant to my daughter. It not only saved her financially, but restored to her a little faith in humanity. That family’s generosity made an impact on me, too. How often do I hear about something crappy and think, oh, how terrible, and then completely forget about it? Every day. But they saw an opportunity to help someone and acted. A lesson for me. The only way to improve anything is to take action.