One of the more ridiculous WordPress daily prompts this week is “How do you find your muse?” The answer, of course, is that there is no such thing. Just plugging away, trying to maintain a writing schedule is the key. Topics come up, some more interesting than others. (Thanks to all of you who keep reading through the less interesting days.) Eight and a half hours of sleep a night, plus occasional naps, also help.

My biggest challenge, in blogging and fiction writing, is setting aside time in which to do it. “Setting aside” isn’t the right phrase; “giving myself” is more apt. For years, giving myself an hour or two a day seemed impossible. There was no practical reason for this. I had a few hours for watching tv. Perhaps not everyday, when I was working full-time, but certainly on my off days. Even now that I don’t work outside the home I have the same challenge. I think it’s a fear of failure. If I try my hardest, devoting time every day to writing, and still cannot produce anything valuable, I will have truly failed. And that is a real possibility. But true kindness, towards myself, includes an opportunity to fail or succeed at something I am passionate about.

My most basic goal is to be a good person, someone who leaves the world a better place. I don’t have lofty notions about how this should be achieved; I am just banking that basic kindness toward others will do the trick. I have ever so slowly come to realize that if I don’t show myself generosity, I cannot extend myself to others without reserve.