I saw The Lincoln Lawyer today, a completely enjoyable movie. I had a serious film noir phase in younger days, and this movie had that same feel, except with contemporary, bright cinematography. The story moves fast with a nice tension and great actors. A fantastic soundtrack helped out, too.

Marisa Tomei plays the female lead. It was refreshing to an appropriately aged actress play the part. I am tired of twenty-year-old women playing opposite forty-year-old men. Even better, they didn’t airbrush her wrinkles. She still manages to be stunning, of course. I think that we have gotten so used to seeing woman over the age of forty portrayed as being free of wrinkles and gray hair that normal aging has begun to seem foreign. When my husband and I watched The Kids Are All Right (another great movie) he thought they were intentionally trying to make Annette Bening look old. I certainly hope his perception of what “old” looks like changes, as I don’t plan to have facial peels or surgery in order to appear younger.

It’s funny how as I age I find older men more attractive and younger men less so. William H. Macy, who was in The Lincoln Lawyer, is a good example. He is wrinkled and a bit grizzled, but much more appealing to me than Ryan Phillipe, who my twenty-year-old daughter thought was the cat’s meow. I can’t decide if it’s some evolutionary thing or just changing perceptions. Certainly there must be some cultural influence as well. Oh well, if you were on the fence about seeing the movie, and enjoy thrillers, just go.

I was noodling around on the dashboard of my blog today. In the personal settings section I found a “Fun” section. I ticked the box, naturally. Who wouldn’t choose “Fun”? Sadly, I have noted no change, no extra fun. I’ll keep ya’ll posted.