This is a great article about increasing intelligence, written in a clear fashion. I especially like the author’s emphasis on the reason for networking: to increase your chances of encountering something novel and horizon-expanding. Not to seek people who only reinforce your beliefs and ideas and exclude those who are different. It is so hard to shake off the pack mentality.

I have noticed a decrease in my memory skills in the past few years. Here’s what concerns me: If I have a decreased ability to learn, to process information and apply data to new situations, would I recognize that decrease? It seems likely that the gradual hardening and shrinking of my brain would render that kind of self-awareness impossible.

Adulthood is risky. We specialize, studying for a profession, gaining experience that eventually makes us expert in our field. When you have achieved that status, when you are ultra-efficient in your job, what reason is there to learn something new? Face it, learning is hard work. It takes sustained mental effort over a period of time. Thinking about it in those terms, failure is a gift. Failing forces you to get off the merry-go-round.