My son is already planning for Halloween. He checked out a few library books that illustrate Halloween crafts and is busy hatching crazy plans. He is going to make fake brains, and possibly a paper mache skull in which to put the licorice brains. He keeps declaring, “All I need is some food coloring, water and sour straws” or some slight variation.

He asked for my permission today to make his own costume, too. Let me think about that. Pro: no sewing, no expensive, generic mail order costume. Con: I got nothing here. He hasn’t decided what to dress up as yet. He is still on the horns of the scary/not scary dilemma. Fortunately there is still seven months in which to decide.

Oscar is obsessed with the Septimus Heap series of books as well as a few other fantasy series. He declared today that he wants to make books and movies when he grows up, in addition to being an acrobat and a candy taster. I sure hope one of our children becomes rich, as that’s pretty much our retirement plan.

Parents are proud of their children’s smallest accomplishments, so forgive me here. My oldest, who is 20, found a used car, contacted the seller, negotiated the price and arranged for a mechanic to check the car. She also applied for a car loan. All by herself. She rocks. I don’t think I could possibly be prouder.

My laptop’s fan is making scary noises. I did some research (thanks YouTube) and found that I need to take the key board off and clean the fan and heatsink. Can I just say that I am terrified? And, given that my baby just did all the tough parts of buying a car on her own, I feel like a weenie for being scared of my computer. Maybe I can get her to come and do it for me….