I did it: I took apart my laptop. The fan and everything else I could reach is now free of dust, dog hair and flour. The computer is still working, no scary noises or hot spots on the case. I couldn’t get to the heat sink with detaching multiple flat wires and regular wires from the motherboard, something I was unwilling to try on the first attempt. I used compressed air to blow the dust out of the area that I couldn’t access. Everything else got a q-tip/alcohol and microfiber cloth cleaning. The best part of this: no more posting from my phone.

Emergency Checklist for Rodent Removal

For those of you with an opossum living in your garage.

  1. Put dog indoors, especially if she is afraid of small woodland creatures.
  2. Don hockey helmet with face mask. Rodents always go for the eyes.
  3. Grab weapon. Suggestions: tennis racquet, hockey stick, broom.
  4. Do not step on opossum poop, which looks remarkably like cat poop.
  5. Do not assume cat has moved in to your garage (see above) and set out bowl of cat food.
  6. Play reggae music at loud volume. Rodents hate reggae.
  7. Sing: Get Up, Stand Up and Easy Skanking loudly and repeatedly (see above).
  8. Use long-handled broom to push opossum out of garage, because he really likes living indoors, especially in Michigan, especially in mud season and most especially because that is where the garbage is. Yum.