“We have to set the clocks forward tomorrow morning,” my husband said. I thought hard, then gave up.

“Remind me, is that the good one or the bad one?” I’m lucky to have someone who loves me even when I have fluff in my brain, like Winnie-the-pooh. He’s my sometimes Christopher Robin.


Dream alert

I don’t really care to hear about other people’s dreams, but this is my blog, so you have to suffer. I dreamed that my teeth fell out, like pennies dropping from a hole in my purse. I quite naturally freaked out and started pushing them back into my gums, where they sat with all their sharp edges and bloody bits. I had to use sign language and a lot of sobbing to get one of my wasted companions (they were my family and weird “dream family” people) to drive me to the dentist. When the dentist finally saw me, he said “Well, your teeth look fine to me.” I woke up yelling and crying. Sometimes I fucking hate dentists.

End of Dream Alert

My dog sleeps in my room, on the floor next to my side of the bed. My restless sleeping the past few nights has revealed her dirty little secret: she licks my face while I’m asleep. She came home with a severed rabbit head today, so I’m going to sleep facing the other way.