Girl meets Boy. Romance ensues, not to mention lots of sex. They are poor and happy. Children come, one, two, three. Years pass. Girl and Boy are very tired all the time. There is not so much sex. Everyone is still poor. Elves come in the night, bringing dirty laundry and strewing toys about the house. Girl is very nearly comatose every night after 9pm.

Ending A: A beautiful mermaid lures Boy away, out to sea. Boy can’t swim, drowns.

Ending B: Girl takes long nap, wakes up to flying cars and robot housekeeper. Realizes children are watching tv and returns to bed.

Ending C: Boy and Girl get away, JUST THE TWO OF THEM, have sex (yes!) and are happy.

Ending D: Wolf eats Boy, wears his clothes. Girl pretends not to notice until wolf falls asleep while watching Dr. Phil. She escapes.


p.s. I like “C”.