Did you ever play the game where someone gives you a subject, like “trees” and you say the first thing, usually a type of tree, that comes to mind? Tree: apple tree. Breakfast food: pancakes. What comes to mind when I say “something that helps you reach up high”? Is it ladder,  jumping, step stool? My son’s answer: grappling hook. Of course.

I have pretty lowbrow taste in movies. Anchorman is a favorite, as are The Fifth Element and Hot Tub Time Machine. I watched Whip It last night and whoa boy, it’s a winner. It’s a combination of touching coming of age story, underdog sports team comeback and tough chick flick. I’m a sucker for any movie that has a tough girl character, and Whip It has a whole cast of them. Heaven. It’s rated PG-13 but I would hesitate to watch it with a 13-year-old. There are scenes of casual underage drinking and implied sex that I feel are more appropriate for older teens.

I have been working on four different short stories. Why? Psychosis, I think. I practiced a little tough self-love today, and forced myself to write out the pros and cons of each, and make a decision about which to work on until death do us part, or, until completion. That was all very tiring, so I took another nap. I’ve been grooving on the naps lately, like a toddler. Also like a toddler, those who love me report that I’m easier to get along with when I’ve had a bit of extra sleep. Win-win.

Women’s History Month

I found this website that is highlighting American women under the age of thirty who have contributed to society. These young women are inspiring; I encourage you to check it out. Today’s featured woman is Kitty O’ Neil, an athlete who went on to become a stuntwoman. She set the record in 1977 for the longest fall for a woman.