I know most people don’t enjoy February, especially if they live in a cold climate. But I love this month. First of all, it’s winter, full-on. No thaw-freeze nonsense, just snow and cold. Ice skating, snowshoeing, cold winter nights. Bliss. It’ll be about mid-March before I start jonesing for spring.

February is rich with holidays, too. Groundhog Day, also celebrated as Candlemas, is on the 2nd. This is the mid-way point between winter solstice and spring equinox, worthy of some kind of celebration. Make a candle to light your way through the rest of the winter. Candle-making was a domestic fail moment for me, so we’ll probably go with the groundhog option. Tracking woodland creatures is more to my liking, anyway.

Chinese New Year starts on February 3rd this year. This is the year of the rabbit. Jaden Hair over at Steamy Kitchen has a bunch of recipe suggestions if you’re up to making your own Chinese feast. We’re going to try the tea eggs this year, along with our usual potstickers and fried rice. Chinese food reminds me of dinner with my Grandma; our local Chinese restaurant was her favorite place to celebrate anything. There is a dearth of ethnic restaurants around my house, so I make my own. We had a good Thai place for a second, and that made the local fake-Chinese place up their game. When the economy swallowed up the Thai restaurant, the long-established crappy Chinese  joint slid back into mediocrity.

Best for last: Valentine’s Day. Yes, I know some of you are rolling your eyes now, but I love to celebrate with handmade valentines. If you’re looking for something easy to make for your sweetheart, there are some great ideas here. I like the chocolate bar envelope: I have a bunch of paper bags waiting to be recycled, and it’s a great way to gussy up plain candy.

My husband refuses to celebrate Valentine’s Day. He hasn’t come right out and said that, but the lack of cards for the past 18 years is a pretty big tip-off. I always make him something anyway, good wife that I am. I’m sure if he were given the opportunity, my husband would point out that I forget our wedding anniversary every single year, even when he tells me in advance that he has arranged for a baby sitter so we can go out for an evening. Great, great, I say, impressed by his initiative but still not realizing that we are to celebrate something in particular. I need a personal assistant to keep track of my important events. Maybe a robotic one, or a cyborg who needs a home. I’m willing to trade lodging and an electrical outlet (?) for a few easy housekeeping tasks.

Oh dear, I almost forgot the Super Bowl. I’m pulling for Green Bay. My husband will root for whichever team is behind, so that it’s “a good game.”  I don’t blame him; I think it’s just a natural reaction to having the Detroit Lions as your home team. It’s kind of an empathy building experience.