Every day when I open up my laptop and go to the New Post section of my blog, I’m pretty sure that will be the day that I run dry and throw in the towel on this whole post-a-day-2011 shenanigan. Hasn’t happened yet! I had to put on my big girl pants today and figure out what was screwing up my browser. Turns out, some of my offspring have been playing video games on MY laptop. They get all defensive when I say “my laptop,” insisting that it belongs to everyone. Wrong wrong wrong, small ones. Especially when we’re talking about video games!

I am so motivated by the other post-a-day bloggers. Knowing that they are reading my blog keeps me accountable, like the workout buddies of the writing world. Thanks, you guys. Tomorrow’s goal is to create a blogroll, though I will need to come up with a different title. The word blogroll reminds me of abdominal fat: not good.

Golden parenting moment of the day: my son read me a book today, beginning to end.