Oscar cutting potatoes

Helping me cut potatoes for soup.









Surely you’ve read that if you involve your kids in the meal preparation process, they will be more likely to eat whatever is on the table. Wrong again, parenting experts! My son loves to help me cook, but he will only eat noodles, fruit, plain romaine lettuce, cheese, olives, bread and chicken, fish or beef without any visible crusty bits. (This is almost a complete list. Seriously.) I know it could be a lot worse, and experience tells me that this will pass. Still, I am hopeful that day comes sooner rather than later.

What is it about winter that inspires nesting? I am suddenly obsessed with paint samples, home magazines and DIY websites. I want to move into the current Country Home magazine. Those homes are so….clean and organized. No toys, no dog hair. They don’t have piles of books on the sofa and floor. We all have our priorities, I know, and cleaning just isn’t one of mine.

Moving on to something way more exciting: football! I’m disappointed that the Eagles collapsed, but Green Bay is really impressive. I particularly enjoy watching Clay Matthews play: he is unstoppable. The compelling thing about sports is the intensity and focus of the players. You just don’t see that kind of “leave it on field” mentality in most grown-ups, regardless of their profession. Except school secretaries. They’re pretty intense.