Thank you, WordPress, for issuing the post a day challenge. I had forgotten that the words we choose have the potential to create something. What do you want to make? Fun, anger, hope, diversion, division. The writer gets to choose. I get to choose. Parents, teachers and coaches use words to motivate, or humiliate. When we say stuff, it becomes real. (And no, I don’t subscribe to theories from The Secret).* So, how about a little moderation?

Also of note is this challenge from NPR to all you flash fiction writers. Deadline is January 23, 2011. I’m going to try, and so should you.


*Okay, another caveat: when my kids get their wands out (chopsticks, real sticks, K’nex; anything can be a wand) and yell underpantius constrictium! my panties don’t really constrict.