My best advice for looking busy while not actually accomplishing anything:

  1. Keep multiple sheets of loose-leaf handy for keeping notes. Instead, use them to make your bucket list.
  2. Use your smart phone to play Wordfeud or Alchemy. If anyone inquires as to what you are doing use your snarkiest voice to tell them that you are “working”. No need to be specific if you have enough attitude.
  3. Google the proper spelling and meaning of “sueding” and “estuary”. You’ll probably use those words in an article.
  4. Check your bank balance. Panic. Try to really work.
  5. Vet websites for possible future use in your particular field. Bookmark them and feel a false confidence in your future.
  6. Make tea. You need a break about now.
  7. Clean out the microwave. You’re increasing productivity by preventing salmonella or Shigella or velociraptidis.
  8. Clock is probably slow. Change the batteries.
  9. Check your email.
  10. Start a blog. Commit to posting daily for an entire year.