I tried to get my errands done early today so that I could watch the entire Seattle-New Orleans game. To my horror, everybody in three counties had the same idea and surrounded me with shopping carts and slow-walking 113-yr-old grandparents. Oddly, I didn’t notice a glut of children crowding the stores today; they were probably at home playing with their Wiis. Or, organizing a coup on Facebook. At any rate, it was just me and 2 million other middle age and older people shopping the sales. At one point I escaped to the beer aisle, where a very nice man recommended a new beer based on my preferences. It was like ordering something from Amazon, others who choose this kind of beer in the past also enjoyed… I ended up with a six pack of Optimator, a German dark beer. It has a very nice bitter caramel taste without being overly syrupy.

I did catch the second half of the game. I’m happy that the Seahawks won, but I have to admire Drew Brees’ grace under pressure. I thought Seattle was going to fall apart in the third quarter, but they pulled it together. I don’t think they can handle the pressure of additional playoff games, though. I am really excited about the Eagles-Packers game tomorrow. Eagles all the way.