We joined a homeschool coop this year, and our second semester starts tomorrow. Planning my lesson (agricultural techniques of ancient civilizations) took up much of my day, because of the glut of information available on the internet. A few moments of grace gave my day heft, though. There is nothing like children to balance the soul-sucking effects of too much internet.

Moment one: My 6-year-old and my 11-year-old put on a “show” for me, complete with concessions (water, a brownie and a mandarin orange). The show involved karaoke, violin playing and dancing with scarves. Lovely.

Moment two: Georgia commented at dinner that she “actually liked” the cheesy rice dish my husband made. She was so surprised, one would think that it was something new, but no. We have been making this particular casserole since before she was born. I guess if you put something on the table long enough someone will eventually eat it.

Moment three: Oscar covered his face with camouflage face paint (a big thank you to my brother for that gift) and then bathed. There is only one thing that smells better than your child’s head after they have washed with coconut shampoo, and that is your child’s head after playing outside in the sun. Yes, sweat and dirt. One whiff and bam! monkey bars, picnics, planting the garden, climbing trees. It all floods back. Tonight, though, I got the coconut shampoo. I could snuggle next to that smell all night.

Also, I heard this little story about Three King’s Day on NPR. I would love to watch that parade. I didn’t realize that Epiphany was still celebrated. These people really have some staying power; by the time New Year’s Eve rolled around I was broke and exhausted and just finished with all the celebrating, but there they are, importing camels and still partying.