We have this totally cool wooden treehouse complete with miniature cast-a-ways, barrel seats and tree stump tables. There are tiny buckets, ladders and even a plank bridge with a trapdoor for unexpected guests. It cost about a million dollars and was worth every cent because of the hours of play it has seen over several years.

The tree house has lately been neglected in favor of American Girl Dolls, Lego’s and the creation of robot models out of cardboard boxes and miles of masking tape. So when my daughter brought all of the 3 inch wooden people out and lined them up, I felt a gush of nostalgia. I was smiling fondly, and full of warm fuzzies when my daughter proceeded to pull out the BB Rifle and pick those little people off like some kind of demented giant. We have officially started a new chapter in the parenting handbook.

Aside from fear of aggressive tendencies, I am looking forward to my kids’ maturity. There is so much inappropriate garbage out there to shield my kids from, and some good stuff, too, that they just don’t need to know about yet. Monty Python, Glee, Schindler’s List, MASH, The Black Eyed Peas. I can’t wait to read The Once and Future King with them. As we enter the tween/teen years a lot of material will be more accessible. Good bye Scooby-Doo, hello The Simpsons. I have spent hours and hours previewing movies and filtering books for my kids. It will be a relief to put all that energy toward something else, like dealing with boyfriends/girlfriends.  Monitoring email accounts and friending them on Facebook. Cyber-stalking their friends.